History of "Altyn Asyr" company




ALTYN ASYR is the company founded as the enterprise of the TURKMENTELEKOM State Company of Telecommunications at the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan. This company became a member of the World Associations of Cellular Communication Operators of GSM standard, where the ТМ CELL Cellular Communication Network with an index of 438 02 has been registered.

2005, April

In Ashgabat the first one and half thousand subscribers were connected to national system of cellular communications. The equipment with capacity of 50000 numbers was installed by the Siemens AG, Germany.


The operator of ALTYN ASYR cellular communications was the first in Turkmenistan who put into operation a Universal Mobile Telecommunication System /UMTS network of the 3G standard third generation.

2010, April

The number of the subscribers using ALTYN ASYR cellular communications reached a half-million.


ALTYN ASYR rendered service of the international roaming in the countries of Europe and Asia. Roaming agreements were concluded with the largest foreign operators including Vympelcom ("Beeline" trade mark: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan); MTC (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia); Т-Mobile (Germany); Vodafone (Qatar), MegaCom (Kyrgyzstan) and others.

2012, October

ALTYN ASYR served more than 3 million persons.

2012, the 18th of October 

With participation of the President of Turkmenistan new building of ALTYN ASYR was opened at 217, Oguzhan Str., City of Ashgabat. Total area of new building was about 10 thousand square metres. The following facilities have been located there, in particular:

  • Post office;
  • Telegraph;
  • Cash desks for payment for services of cellular, urban and long distance communications as well as the Internet;
  • Internet cafe;
  • Round-the-clock directory-inquiry service;
  • Client servicing centre.

2012, the 19th of October

The President of Turkmenistan has signed the Decision having permitted ALTYN ASYR State Company to conclude contracts on purchase and installation of the telecommunication equipment with such companies as Huawei and NokiaSiemensNetworks. Besides, some contracts with East Wind have been concluded also on increase in volume of the user's licence of АСР Eastwind calculation system and rendering of technical help for introduction of additional services of cellular communications. These measures have allowed to expand the network of TMCELL cellular communications and to raise quality of rendering communications services to the population.

2012, the 19th of November

With a view of bringing the system of cellular communications into accord with up-to-date requirements the President of Turkmenistan has signed the Decision having ordered the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan to change the organizational and legal form of ALTYN ASYR, the enterprise of cellular communications and when due hereunder to establish ALTYN ASYR closed joint-stock company.

2013, the 30th of January

ALTYN ASYR Closed Joint-Stock Company was set up.

At the meeting of the Board of Founders in the Ministry of Communications in which the representatives of the Ministry of Economics and Development have taken part as well as of the Ministry of Finance, the Higher Control Chamber of the Central Bank, and the Main State Tax Service of Turkmenistan, the decision was made about change of the organizational and legal form of ALTYN ASYR, the enterprise of cellular communications at the TURKMENTELEKOM State Company of Telecommunications and establishment of ALTYN ASYR Closed Joint-Stock Company.

During the meeting some particular questions has been considered also connected with signing of the constituent contract, approval of the charter and authorised capital stock of the new enterprise, as well as with election of the general director, board of directors and auditing committee.