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If you are not yet a TMCELL subscriber, please visit your nearest service office and place a TMCELL connection on one of the tariff plans.You can save on payment of Internet traffic, buying bundles or using the "Night time Internet" service.

To connect your laptop or PC to the Internet through TMCELL, buy the TMCELL 3G-modem and connect it to the USB-port. All necessary settings are already in your modem software.

In order to set up on your phone connection to the Internet, configure the following *:

GPRS settings for devices runningAndroid, OS Symbian, Widows phone and others:

Settings name TMCELL
Homepage http//
Session mode Temporary/permanent
Connection security OFF
Data bearer GPRS/EDGE
Channel settings
GPRS access point gprs.tmcell
IP address
Authentification type General
Login type Auto
User name


Settings for iPhone

Menu → Settings → General → Network: Category: "Cellular Data Network" APN: gprs.tmcell Username: Password:


Settings for the iPad

Menu → Settings → Cell Settings → APN Settings: APN: gprs.tmcell Username: Password:

*) Setting names may be different from the above depending on the model. Possible variants are shown in brackets.