Log into Your Personal Account

Личный кабинет







What is the "Personal Account"

It enables you to manage your own TMCELL communications.

With the Personal Account of TMCELL, you will be able to:

  • Check your balance
  • Change your tariff
  • Activate or deactivate services
  • Purchase traffic bundles
  • Get details of payments and chargings


Log into Your Personal Account

To be able to access Your personal TMCELL Account you need to enter your phone number and password.

If you do not yet have a TMCELL Account access password or if you have forgotten your password, please send a blank text message to 0831. You will receive a new password as a reply to your text. Corporate clients do not get issued with passwords by text message. You can also obtain a password by visiting the Central Office of TMCELL.


Security policy

Please keep your password confidential!

If it becomes known to third parties, we will not be able to protect your account. We recommend you to change your password when you first access your Personal Account and to change it regularly. To defend against password guessing attacks, login is blocked for 30 minutes after five wrong password attempts in a row. Inactive session time is limited to 10 minutes. after this period is over, you will have to enter your password again. After you finish using the service, use the "Logout" link to safely terminate the session.


Log into Personal Account