Traffic Bundles







By purchasing traffic bundles you will be able to connect to the internet cheaper than the base price of your service plan.

To find the remaining traffic of the purchased bundle, send a blank SMS to 0805.

Bundles are time limited – 30 days. If during this time you do not use up the whole bundle, the remaining traffic is “burned up”.

Bundles are valid for all rate plans. After the exhaustion or expiration of the bundle, billing of Internet traffic is resumed at the base price of the current service plan.

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How to activate: Go to Personal Cabinet or visit the nearest service office for TMCELL subscribers.

To activate dial USSD-command:

  • to purchase a bundle 50 Mb for 3 manat *0850*3#
  • to purchase a bundle 1 Gb for 55 manat *0850*55#
  • to purchase a bundle 4 Gb for 160 manat *0850*160#
  • to purchase a bundle 10 Gb for 350 manat *0850*350#