We congratulate on the Holiday of Neutrality!



The neutrality is a continuation of national traditions of the Turkmen people coming from the deep ancient times. The Day of Neutrality is one of the important events added by golden letters to the history of development of independent of the Turkmen people. With all our heart we congratulate our Esteemed President and all Turkmen people in honour of the National Holiday of Turkmenistan – the Day of Neutrality.

We wish great success in large-scale work conducted by our Esteemed President for a safe and happy life of the Turkmen people.

Neutrality, putting of hopes and expectations of our ancestors into practice turned into hymn, a peaceful sky and calmness of the country are a guarantee of safe life of our people.

The doctrine on neutrality has created the great opportunities for realization of ancient mutual relations of our people such as humanism, peacefulness, good neighbourhood and friendliness.

The deep content of international undertakings of our Hero Arkadaga put forward from a high tribune of the United Nations Organization directed at strengthening of peace and safety in the world, provision of general development find a broad support all over the world.

In the Epoch of Power and Happiness of the state all states of the world and respected international organizations have unanimously recognized the foreign policy of Continuous Neutrality pursued by Turkmenistan.

We would like to congratulate once again with all our heart the Esteemed President and the fearless Turkmen people on the solemn and important national holiday – the Day of Neutrality!

We wish great success to our Esteemed President in his activity and work directed at improvement of well-being of the people and prosperity of our Fatherland.

Let the health of our Esteemed President be strong and the years long! Let his great undertakings be constantly lighted up by success in the interests of the Turkmen people and the state!

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