"Altyn Asyr" Company will be transformed into the JSC



 The first council meeting of founders of the closed corporation “Altyn Asyr” was held in the Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan where participated the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Superior control house, the Central bank as well as the representatives of the Main State Tax Service of Turkmenistan.

On the agenda it was pronounced of the amendment of the enterprise organization-legal rules of the “Altyn Asyr” cellular communication of the State Telecommunications Company “Turkmentelecom” and establishing of the closed corporation “Altyn Asyr”. The issues pertaining to signing of memorandum of association, approval of rules and the registered capitals of the new enterprise, as well as the selection of the general Manager, board of directors and the audit commission were also considered at the meeting.

As is known, the Decree on this issue was signed by the Head of the state on November 2012. The adoption of the resolution is aimed to the realization of the “National program of the social and economic development of Turkmenistan for 2011-2030 years, upgrading of the efficiency of the national economy and creation of the favorable conditions for the market relations as well as the extension of the cellular communication system and the improvement of quality in accordance with the modern requirements. According to the document of the Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan it was ordered to prepare the constitutive documentation of the aforesaid closed corporation and ensure its registration in the established order.

During the meeting there were also considered the issues related to upgrading of the professionalism and responsibility of the managers and the workers of the appropriate departments as well as training of the highly skilled specialists, called to ensure the further efficient development of the communication area of the country.
The improvement of the communication system is one of the higher priority directions of the further social and economic development of the country. The national leader pays much attention to the fundamental modernization of the communication and telecommunications fields of the enterprise. Regularly, high technologies and advanced developments are actively integrated into this field. The important step was also the adoption of the last year’s special “Development program of the transport and communication fields of Turkmenistan for 2012-2016 years according to which the complex measures are being taken on the extension of list of the cellular communication services and the internet access, as well as their quality improvement.
Today, all measures directed to satisfaction of the population demands in modern communication systems are being taken: the exchange equipment is being modernized, fiber optic lines are being extended between cities, the satellite communication systems are being operated and the national cellular network is being expanded. The level of provision of organizations, enterprises and schools with information and communication technologies is increasing. The number of the internet users is increasing day by day.

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