Travelling all over the world

What do you need to use cellular communications in other country?

Before you make a trip please adjust your TMCELL communication service:

  • Enable roaming service "Roaming".
  • Replenish the balance of your personal account as for roaming operation it is necessary to get the balance not less than the certain sum.  Write-off of funds from the account could be carried out with a delay because of features of interaction with telecoms operator in the host country. Check of the balance is accessible in roaming mode too.
  • In the host country switch-on the TMCELL phone. If for any reason there is no automatic registration of phone in a network of local telecoms operator please make it independently.  Choose some local telecoms operator local telecoms operator  out of those who provides roaming services to TMCELL subscribers. Accept calls and SMS on your phone as you usually do. Make calls to Turkmenistan or other countries and send SMS.

How to call in Turkmenistan, while overseas


It is not essential to be the citizen of Turkmenistan in order to use TMCELL communications.

To use cellular communication at the costs of Turkmenistan without overpay for roaming you can get TMCELL local SIM-card. For this purpose please visit the nearest to you Service Office  of the TMCELL subscribers. Do not forget to take with you your passport issued in your country.

It is desirable to remember the phone No. of the Contact Centre: 088.