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Per each 10 minutes of talks in the network – 0.1 manat. All incoming calls are free of charge.

Kinds of Services:
  • Outgoing calls in the network (the 1st, 11th and 21st minute): 0.10 manat
  • Outgoing calls to the other operator network, per 1 minute: 0.14 manat
  • Outgoing calls to the city and long-distance network, per 1 minute: 0.14 manat
  • All incoming calls: 0.00 manat
  • Outgoing SMS-messages (on the country territory), per 1 message: 0.08 manat
  • Internet data per 1MB: 0.07 manat
  • Daily user charge: 0.20 manat
  • Connection to a tariff: 5.00 manat
  • Switch to tariff: 5.00 manat
  • USSD-command for connection: *0809*6*1*2*119#

Note: Payment is charged in the tariff for the 1st, 11th and 21st minute of the talk only.

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    Other tariffs
    Sowgat 1000+
    USSD-command: *0809*6*1*2*131#
    Çäksiz gepleşik +
    USSD-command: *0809*6*1*2*132#
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