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Altyn Asyr CJSC increases digital services

Over the years of Independence, a scope of the digital system has been firmly intruded in its methods of improvement in the national economy and social conditions of our country, and under the wise leadership of our Dear President, on the basis of advanced world technologies, all branches of the communication system are improving their material and technical base.

Altyn Asyr Closed Joint-Stock Company of the Turkmenaragatnashyk agency has been effectively using competitive conditions and capabilities of the digital system for several years. Altyn Asyr CJSC offers telecommunications services to country’s population, increasing volume, quality and types of such services.

High quality cellular services, international roaming, mobile, stable and broadband Internet and TV viewing services are provided in accordance with technological era requirements.

Presently, in order to make the communication system more accessible to the masses, following package tariff services are offered: Internet-50; Sovgat 500; Sovgat 1000+; Sovgat 2000; as well as: unlimited calls services +; Amatly; Tygshytly; Senin Ulgamyn 1; Sada; Gurleshiber; 3G Internet WСDMA.

Great demand among customers enjoy the service “Chyaksiz saz”. This service allows you to listen to tens of thousands of different melodies using the TMCELLSAZ program. Also, for music lovers, it was recently created unlimited musical space in the new Sazz LTE system. In order to find out country’s and the world’s news, it possible to watch online TV channels on Mobile TV TMCell LTE. And also, subscribers of the Altyn Asyr Closed Joint-Stock Company can pay for the program “Turkmenmetbugat” subscription by their account number, such program allows reading newspapers and magazines.

“TMCELL Shahsy Otag” Service allows you to manage such services as electronic account replenishment, tariff changes, Internet packages connection, communication services connection and disconnection.

The digital system capabilities have expanded even more with a launch of Taxi-Service from Altyn Asyr CJSC.

Currently, the Altyn Asyr Closed Joint-Stock Company provides institutions-enterprises with services for connecting to the “APN” information system.

Altyn Asyr CJSC has fully implemented “Electronic Document Management”, created a website Also, an e-mail for managing electronic documents “@” was created.

Well-knited and hardworking specialists of the Altyn Asyr Closed Joint-Stock Company, taking as a basis the large-scale work of our Dear President, carried out to further increase the communications system international prestige, making every efforts and strivings to further develop the information and telecommunication system and glorify the home Motherland, they meet the glorious holiday - the 30th anniversary of our Holy Independence, in the year declared as “Homeland of International Peace and Trust.”

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