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“Roaming” service enables you to be in communication and not to change a phone number when you are in travel or on business trips outside Turkmenistan territory.

Roaming countries


Prior to a trip abroad find the country of arrival from the list of roaming countries. Familiarize yourself with the local communication operators offering “Roaming” service to ТМСЕLL users.

Do not forget to fill up your balance! “Roaming” service is automatically disconnected, if your balance is less than 70 manat.

For service connection your balance shall be not less than 525 manat; this amount is not withheld and expended for your talks.

For “Roaming” service functioning you shall be connected to “10 Trunk Calls” service.

“Roaming” service connection is free of charge; however, local communication operators may charge additional payment to your tariff plan.

Connection Method:

  • Through USSD service: *0809*1*3*1#

Disconnection Method:

  • Through USSD service: *0809*1*3*0#

Note: Upon connection of “Roaming” service in a mobile phone of the user using such service, “autoupdating” starts to work; for this reason the additional payment is charged from the user out of the internet network volume used. We recommend to the user to disconnect in a mobile phone GPRS service if it is not required as in some countries at the users connected “Roaming” service GPRS service operates automatically.