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Favourite nomer

Outgoing calls in the network - 3 tenge per 1 minute

Indicate any ТМСЕLL number; calls and SMS-messages to such number will be tariffed at preferential cost:

  • Connection of “Favourite Number” service = 0 manat
  • Outgoing calls to “Favourite Number” (per 1 minute) = 0,03 manat
  • Outgoing SMS-message to “Favourite Number” (per 1 SMS) = 0,03 manat
  • Daily user charge = 0,04 manat
  • Each change of “Favourite number” = 1 manat
  • Maximum number of connected numbers = 1

“Favourite Number” service does not apply to the users, being a legal entity.

  • Tariffs for calls and SMS-messages to the other numbers are carried out as per your tariff plan.
  • Daily user charge for “Favourite Number” service (if it is provided) is charged with addition to the user charge as per your tariff plan.

Enter in Personal Cabinet or come to ТМСЕLL service office

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